Innovation in detection

MedCore360 Products line

MedCore Face Scanner

Temperature Detection Displays utilize advanced thermal
detection technology to scan body temperature quickly and accurately. Combined with
our intuitive software, businesses can instantly identify potential safety threats
and help mitigate large-scale exposure!

Contactless infrared facial temperature detection (5)
MedCore Temperature Greeter

Thermometer and auto hand soap dispenser built-in 21.5" floor stand advertising digital signage kiosk 3000ml internal dispenser.

Optional Stand Styles

Choose the hight required for your needs!

Encouraging Workplace Safety!

Thermal detection and facial recognition technology can provide peace of mind for staff and customers and accountability for your business operations. Quickly identify individuals at entryways through facial recognition cameras, and instantly check for elevated body temperature.

21.5 inch discover spray dispenser 2
21.5 inch discover spray dispenser 1
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